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Awards and recognitions

Saga Travel was started by Sævar Freyr Sigurðsson in October 2009 and since then our number of staff has proudly grown in number, experience and knowledge.  Right from the beginning we set out to create a range of experiences which would reveal the hidden delights of our country and offer trips which were truly fun, flexible, exciting, educational and at the same time different and often “off the beaten track”.  Our first trips where day tours from Akureyri and Lake Mývatn but since then we have expanded our range of departure points and also included a full range of adventure holidays in Iceland.

From small, one man, beginnings in 2009, our concept of the nature and culture experience has proved ever more popular and we have grown into a dedicated team of experienced guides and travel professionals.

2012  ●  The Entrepreneur and Innovation Awards by the city of Akureyri
2013  ●  The Innovation Awards by SAF, The Icelandic Travel Industry Association

Tripadvisor  ●  Saga Travel has Certificate of Excellence for Top Performing on Tripadvisor
Lonely Planet  ●  Saga Travel is Lonely Planet´s “Top Choice” for activity and sightseeing

“Just like in Icelandic nature the boiling mud pools, sulphur pits and steaming fumaroles tries to bust out of the frame…            …the mind and ideas of Team Saga Travel will not stay within the frame”