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Caving in Iceland

Explore the amazing underground

Caving is a popular way to explore new areas of the world. Iceland has numerous caves around the country, in all types and sizes. We at Saga Travel pride ourselves on having exclusive rights to offer guided tours to Lofthellir Cave, a 3.500 year old Ice Cave near Lake Mývatn. The main attraction of the cave is the various ice sculptures formed by thousands of years of dripping water. The trek and decent in the cave is a bit difficult, but well worth the expedition.

Lofthellir Cave has a delicate balance of temperature and airflow and a drastic change in that balance would either make it freeze shut or melt out. Saga Travel has exclusive rights on visiting the cave in order to protect the cave and its surroundings. The limit of visitors each time is set at 10 persons, this is both to limit the effect visitors have on the cave and also to give each visitor a unique chance to visit Lofthellir in a small group.

And of course we offer other caving adventures around Iceland.