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Laugar Spa Reykjavík

At the end of any Reykjavík Day Tour with Saga Travel you can add a relaxing visit to Laugar Spa. Upon returning to the city we take you to Laugar Spa for a relaxing health and body experience. After enjoying the spa, restaurant and fitness center we pick you up again for a transport to your accommodation.

Laugar Spa is located in the heart of Reykjavík, only 6-8 minutes drive from the city center. Laugar Spa offers a variety of treatments, body massages, geothermal outdoor and indoor hot tubs and pools, sauna and thermal steam baths.  Restaurant and bar is located in the spa and it is a general all around great place to relax after a busy day.

Included in the Reykjavík Geothermal Spa visit
Entrance fee ● Bathrobe and towel ● Glass of wine, beer or other beverages ● Transport from Laugar Spa to your accommodation in Reykjavík

Service and Extras that can be booked or purchased at Laugar Spa
Restaurant and bar service ● Number of different body massages ● Bathing suit rental

Laugar Spa opening hours is Monday-Friday 06:00-23:00, Saturday 08:00-21:30 and Sunday 08:00-19:30.
The free transport service back to your accommodation is only available for Reykjavík City accommodations.
How long you stay at Laugar Spa is totally up to you because the free transport service back to your accommodation is tailor made for each booking.

You book the visit as add-on in Extras as you finalize your Day Tour booking.