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Saga Travel Partner Services

No man is an island, and we have partnered up with many fine service providers in Iceland.

Tour Operators

We work with many fine tour operators all over Iceland, making it possible to offer our guests the best possible service during the stay in Iceland. Whether it’s whale watching in Húsavík Village or Snowmobiling in Langjökull Glacier, we make sure that our partner meets your standards. Our booking service is free of charge, you pay the same price if you book through us as if you would book it on your own.


We have many various partners offering accommodation all over Iceland, guesthouses, apartments and hotels. We set our own standard, and check out each location on regular basis to see if the meet yours and our demands.


We only offer guesthouse accommodation if private facilities are available with each room. Privacy and comfort are key factors in getting enough rest, and none should go on holiday with out getting rest, that is the whole point.

Comfort Hotels

Comfort Class Hotels are generally categorized as 3 star hotels.

Superior Hotels

Superior Class Hotels are generally categorized as 4-5 stars hotels.

Among partners are:

Car Rental Services

Sometimes you just want to go on your own, at some privacy to your travels and be on your own terms. We offer car rental services all over Iceland through our partners. Just book it via our website or our office.